Renée Willis Freed & On Fire 

Professional Life Coaching Practice

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Renée Willis Freed & On Fire 

Professional Life Coaching Practice

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Renée Willis OCT, MS-Ed, CCP, PICP Bio-Signature

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Sessions are done via skype, google hangout, or the phone and occasionally face to face approximately 60 mins in length. 




I am about you being stimulated, nourished and nurtured. I am all about you and me coming together, and figuring things out together with respect and no judgement. I am intense about reclaiming our lives, and I am relentless about reclaiming love.


I adore humans having a human experience that can be honest and real; the kind that has stories and am eager to write the next chapter of their story the way they want it to unfold. It truly is the greatest joy to do what I do and when I talk about it I get very emotional. I am the girl that grew up in a very small rural town, that now gets to the greatest responsibility to meet share love and light to people around the world that become family within minutes.


Pain comes to teach us something about what we need and how to do better.


My narrative has had pain stories where I have been living with complex PTSD from a variety of abuse. I had to learn about coping, negative thinking, fear triggers, self-sabotaging, poor relationships, spiritual dehydration, and how the body talks when I am not talking. In my travels I had to learn about different flavors of pain, and how to create triumphs. Today I am smiling large as I have learned immensely firsthand about pain and creating amazing success. My knowledge far exceeds my extensive education career. I am able to recognize pain and how it shows up in all parts of life, to break particular strongholds because I had to first do it for myself. I build a monument to my pain lessons, as I now help countless others around the world understand their needs and reclaim their life. My past pain intersects with their current pain and there we create joy. It’s amazing. The greatest compliment that I get is that my people say that I make them feel like they belong. I have felt very alone in my life, and now I assure no one is ever alone that is in my life in any capacity. Today I am a leader on how to be freed in life’s pains and how to be on fire again in life. My quest is to serve others to smile more. I am 100 percent a freedom thinker, chain breaker and an advocate of love. I have been the expert guest on TV shows about relationships, sexuality, what’s hot and what’s not, body tips and trick, and other juicy aspects about life.  I love being a keynote speaker, writer, social media maven, to find different methods to reach lives around the world to prove that we all struggle, we all have needs and to find solutions to be freed from things that bound, and find their fire by making changes in their lives!