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Renée Willis Freed & On Fire 

Professional Life Coaching Practice

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Renée Willis OCT, MS-Ed, CCP, PICP Bio-Signature

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Sessions are done via skype, google hangout, or the phone and occasionally face to face approximately 60 mins in length. 




3. You got me digging deep enough we've uncovered some really stinking piles of is your personality, your character, your experiences, your faith that  has kept me from losing myself in it all and I will gladly tell that to anyone who cares to know.  Love you immensely because parts of me I feared gone or that I scarcely knew existed I now recognize as me becoming me. - Anonymous


4. I initially reached out to meet with Renee when I was feeling frustrated in various realms of my life - I was not finding satisfaction in my current work, I was struggling with family relationships, and above all I was feeling alone and sad. Renee has an amazing way of giving you permission to just be yourself, and to truly share what is on your mind without fear of judgement. Renee has opened up conversations and honed in on things that were total blind-spots for me. I always leave our conversations feeling like I have practical, applicable take-aways that are helping me to move forward in my life. I feel lighter, more empowered and equipped to be myself. This has allowed me to make better choices in my workplace, to be more aware about what I need in relationships and to move towards a place of deeper peace and joy! -  Jenn.


5. Renee Willis is a brilliant soul who has a longing to inspire to delve untethered into unknown territory to find true life stories. She has an intentional desire to reach deep within her essence and is not afraid to share her story and use her authentic self to open hearts and heal minds. Sometimes you need a way to spark your life and to ignite the fire within. Renee Willis is the spark! I have had the privilege to work with Renee and she is, real, raw, honest, passionate, and has the skills to set your story free. Renee values a love for life and love abounds from her heart to hold and coach others to reach their goals and spark the fire within!

It is a pleasure and an honor to know Renee Willis and I highly recommend taking the time out of your day and calling for a session. If you walk the path with Renee your decision will truly be a life changing experience and a step toward your ultimate personal success! -Brenda Leonard RN, BScN, MA, Med.




6. When I met Renee Willis I was truly at a cross roads in my life.  Three months prior to meeting her I had undergone a major spinal/cervical fusion surgery that seemed to pause my life and give me the opportunity to look at where I was standing on my transformative path through an objective lens.  Upon connecting with Renee, she immediately spoke my language -- one of her first assessment questions to me was "send me the song that you most identify with".  Music is the language of my soul, as is hers!  With this I immediately realized that this woman was  -- simply put -- a Godsend to me.



For some unspoken reason, I immediately felt at ease and safe to share with Renee my story in my own raw, unabashed, and open manner.  She received and of course continues to receive me with open, compassionate,loving, gentle and kind arms (in fact, she gives excellent cyber hugs, and as one who is not comfortable with hugs, I have learned to receive them wholeheartedly). Through her nurturing of our relationship where I can be truly "seen", Renee has provided a safe space for me to grow, explore, and grow more, even as I travel dangerous territory.  She has a clear understanding of my code and where I have to travel to achieve optimal personal growth.


I've seen many therapists over the course of my nearly 51 years of life, have met with psychiatric specialists, have been heavily medicated (I am psycho pharmaceutical free as I write this), even diagnosed with bipolar spectrum disorder,and yet can say that I have gained more insight and knowledge about myself in the past 10 months working with Renee than I have in a lifetime.  In fact, after a psychiatric evaluation last month, the doctor proclaimed me not a candidate for medication, and that I no longer can be diagnosed with bipolar disorder!


Renee's refreshing approach towards working with me has been one of empathy, love and patience, void of judgement.  She has empowered me by standing by my side, steadfast and unwaveringly supportive as I navigate both treacherous and positive experiences, professionally and personally, and learn more about my self and my own personal code.  She also explores with me extremely high level thought processes, both on the spiritual and psychological levels, that again allow me to gain an even deeper understanding of my soul and purpose in this life. She has shown me that as I trudge through the darkness, I am at the same time soaring towards my light.   And, her constant reminding that I am not alone on my journey, is a huge source of comfort and safety.  Because of Renee, I've learned to embrace and cultivate my resilient spirit and employ it as a source of strength through each obstacle I encounter.


Renee speaks often about the importance of cultivating the best possible relationship with one's self, through understanding the WHY behind why we respond, react, behave or feel a certain way.  With her Mary Poppinsesque bag of tools, resources and life experiences, she has a solid method for getting at the source and answer any WHY imaginable.  She answers my WHYS often!


What is even more remarkable about the expertise that Renee offers me is that she is one stop shopping!  She coaches me on my life, my dreams, my goals, my relationships with myself and others. She coaches me on how to grow my business and leverage my social media marketing activities.  And recently, she has begun coaching me on how to transform my mind/body/and spirit, through intense health/wellness/diet and physical training.  She is the whole brilliant package.


God has blessed me with unique mentors that arrived at pivotal points in my life to guide me down each segment of my path towards living a passionate and fully expressed life.  And yet, I was blessed once again when Renee Willis was sent to me!  This time though, I realize that I am very close to discovering the true love, joy and purpose in my life, and Renee is playing the pivotal role, and will be THE witness to my true calling! - Rebecca Pogonitz


7. I came across this quote from William Butler Yeats which immediately reminded me of your true north. "I have believed the best of every man. And find to believe is enough to find a bad man show him at his best, or even a good man swing his lantern higher." J. Thompson


8. If you get the chance to sit with this woman for 5 mins she will change your whole perspective. I can't tell you how one conversation at a Starbucks changed how I view things. You truly never know the impact you have on others! - S. Oliver


9.  Renee, you have walked the walk.  I am involved in certain support groups, and for those that enter the room, walking the walk is THE qualification.  So called 'experts' on whatever subject of support, or motivation, or coaching, can have all the diplomas and certificates under the sun.  Doesn't mean a thing to those who need the support or the push or the guidance the most.  Knowing - subconsciously seeing - that you have experienced your own personal trials, and conquered them - MORE than conquered them - is the hook for those who need you. That comes across loud and clear, with smiles and hope.  Your joys, and your strengths, are so apparent and so obviously honest.  From the soul.  You mean it.  You use yourself as an example of self-motivation, drive and passion for life.  You also make it clear that it is an ongoing, lifelong exercise, and not a 'quick fix'.  That said, you also show that realizing personal growth is the inspiration to make the effort, and that there is joy in that effort. - S. Kenevan.


10. “You use the example of your own life to inspire others to rise above mediocrity. The average person, which by definition is most of us, seems to be looking for someone to believe in them and show them their potential how they could live on a higher plain of living. Your spirit is enriched with optimism, joy, and charisma. Taking a moment to enter your world is like walking out from under a cloud of rain and drizzle into a clear, blue, sunny sky of warmth and clean air. People are bombarded with doom and gloom and all the reasons not to excel and live a life of abundance and joy. You stand out and provide another template. In a world ooozing with hatred, when someone like yourself stands up and shouts a cheer above all those saying negatives, it is embraced like fresh air to a suffocating soul. You give hope, and your walk matches the beat of your talk. Keep giving hope. Keep being a cheerleader. Keep showing a template of a full life. Keep showing others that they do not have to settle for mediocrity. Keep being real. Keep being a world-class encourager. Keep on caring. There are so few of you left, it seems, that people are craving for your words of inspiration and positive belief in them. I love who you are and I love your message. How could I not?” - Bill Nippard, author the Teamwork ladder, 4th International best seller, Canada.


11. If you are looking for a Life (changing) Coach, please look no further than Renee Willis.  Renee has the unique gift of being able to meet clients at their point of need.  Her integrity, her education, her faith, her life experiences allow her to relate to people from all walks.....with compassion, humor, and an intuitive sense that has her asking the pertinent questions at the precise moment they need to be asked.  Coming from a background of physical, emotional and sexual abuse, both as a child and an adult, I will tell you that I was blessed to find Renee, blessed to call her Coach, call her friend. The value of her coaching is incalculable.  My life will never be the same. - Anonymous


12. Renee is one in a million and a true game changer.  If you are ready and willing to be your best self and have your best life, then she is what you are looking for.  Her love, compassion, understanding and experience allows her to see her clients “true” self, get down to the nitty griity, acknowledge, then propel you forward to places you never ingrained.  She gentle encouraged me to examine areas of paused anger and hurt, lovingly releasing them, causing me to view them, and myself, from a completely new perspective. A place of peace and appreciation for my whole self and everything that makes me who I am. In doing so, she allowed me to understand the importance of doing the “inner work”,  and its ability to uncover my true potential both personally and professionally; catapulting me into the journey of a lifetime, one full of hope and faith.  Thank you Renee for your unwavering support, encouragement and belief in me, you are a catalyst to positive change!! - Ashley Corrine xo