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Renée Willis Freed & On Fire 

Professional Life Coaching Practice

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Sessions are done via skype, google hangout, or the phone and occasionally face to face approximately 60 mins in length. 


No matter how expert we can be with other parts of our lives, it is relationships that tend to be the one that we all need some help.


Our relationships should have mutual respect, a deepening commitment, significance, fulfillment, certainty, honesty and of course passion. There should never be guilt, shame, fear, or loneliness in a relationship.


We experience relationship pains when the things we need in our relationship are simply not being met. Together we will learn what your pain is trying to teach you about what you need to create a plan for change. When your needs are met you get a wonderful interdependent relationship experience; which feels wonderful.  


There are so many kinds of relationships pains.


Perhaps you have had a series of bad relationships, and you want   to learn why and learn how to find great ones.

Maybe you have had difficult challenging relationships, and you want to learn how to improve them.

Need to create healthy boundaries.

Break co-dependency within a relationship.

Perhaps you have toxic relationships, and you really need to learn how to let go.


You can indeed find healthy love!


You will need to learn how to receive and give to create an incredible love experience!


Unhealthy relationships can make us doubt ourselves. They can certainly affect our confidence, and confuse us thinking there is something wrong with us. Poor relationships can also make us feel like we are not enough. In unhealthy relationships we can feel that we are not beautiful enough, intelligent enough, and even beautiful enough and we replace it with damaging thoughts about ourselves. If this mental recording that has been created by unhealthy relationships is not cleared, then we fall in the risk of getting into another unhealthy relationship and even more emotional damaging pain.


Please note!


We teach people how to treat us.  

Let’s never lower the bar on our needs.  

Change creates hope.  


With relationship coaching, you become an expert on your patterns and your needs. You will be empowered to understand the pattern of your previous unhealthy relationships. We will mindfully identify and break your patterns. We will also use this valuable data to identify how to create / or find outstanding relationship. You will learn also strategies to be proactive and preventative to ensure great long term relationships. If needed, you will also learn strategies on how to remove yourself from inappropriate relationships that threaten your safety, self-worth and your confidence.