Renée Willis Freed & On Fire 

Professional Life Coaching Practice

Renée Willis OCT, MS-Ed, CCP, PICP Bio-Signature

Renée Willis Freed & On Fire 

Professional Life Coaching Practice

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Renée Willis OCT, MS-Ed, CCP, PICP Bio-Signature

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Sessions are done via skype, google hangout, or the phone and occasionally face to face approximately 60 mins in length. 


I am Renee Willis OCT, MS-Ed., CCP., CPT., PICP Bio-Signature. International Multi-disciplinary Life-Coach that is a transformer. Please just call me Renee.


I am a freedom thinker, activists of love and wellness in all parts of life. I am the relationships with self-expert, to free self from bondage that is preventing you from living a life freed and on fire, AND I create custom strategies to help you be in love with your life.  In my own life I am obsessed with creating magic moments; my kayak, bodies of water, great wine, great music, my two cubs, intimate gatherings with intense minds that just want to discuss to do well in this world yet can be super silly often, over great food.


I have also been called Red, the relationship ninja, sexy tips specialist, beach body expert, social media maven, the Mary Poppins with every tool in her bag. Simply put, I love looking at all parts of your life, to debug your mind traps to create real solutions so that you smile more, laugh more, and live the life that makes your soul dance! I firmly believe we are the CEO of our feelings, how we show up in this world, the things we do, the people we choose, and how we love. I also firmly believe we are responsible to create a life that feels extraordinary, and to do our best to make this world a better place.


Action creates change. Change creates hope.


The three questions we ask on our death bed are 1) did I live well? 2) did I love well? 3) did my life make this world a better place?


I love to help you make those answers in your life right now. so that you live fully and very alive, and not to waste a second more.


So I want to shine a light into darkness and create solutions so I create this space as my soul’s digital space. As a story teller, I love to share through blogs, videos and live streaming about all aspects of life. I love to dive really deep and sharing my own personal stories of pain and triumphs. Other times I will be giving tips for you to get gorgeous relationships, or a tip to help you get your body beach body lean and healthy! Being the relationship with self-expert and I look at every detail, anxiety, overwhelm, frustrations, sadness, anger, numbing, etc,. I love to hit points of pain to create strategies for you so that you get your results ASAP! #BeFreed #BeOnFire #BreakingEveryChain #smileMore





Renee is the most amazing Life Coach -

she's truly on fire and inspires others in miraculous ways - a game changer! And she walks the walk, not just talk the talk, so clients know she can make it happen for them!"

Rebecca Rosenblat TV Host / Registered Psychotherapist / Relationship & Sexuality Therapist / Advice Columnist / Published Author 


As believers we inherit a life of freedom from the bondage,

I knew this truth but I did not feel free. Darkness had taken gradually and subtly set-in and were clouding my mind and my heart.  In addition to this suffering in my past was causing me to walk in shame and anger. Connecting with Renee has allowed me to identify strongholds in my life, and has helped me to more clearly understand how anger, and fear were holding me back from experiencing joy and peace and freedom. Conversations with Renee have given me specific questions to think about, to make my break through s. These guiding prompts are helping me to know myself in a much deeper way. Renee has a beautiful approach to coaching as she offers gentle guidance, encouragement, and wisdom. This support has allowed me more fully claim my identity and freedom, and to move towards a place of deeper peace and joy." - J.H