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Sessions are done via skype, google hangout, or the phone and occasionally face to face approximately 60 mins in length. 



One of the major pains out there, with relationships likely being the biggest ‘pain’, is money pain.


Money pain is not having enough, over spending habits, and debt that can get scary.


If this resonates with you, then you need a solution plan that addresses the bottom line of emotional needs and also increases your financial bottom line. Without addressing the emotional component it is close to impossible to getting real long term success.


However money worry can show itself in many ways.


It can show up in a fight or flight response, or a frozen state created by an overwhelming worry questioning ‘will there be enough to pay for essential needs in our lives’.


Why do we overspend?


We spend money to distract, to create a temporary feel good high to distract from an emotional pain about a deeper need that is being avoided, which causes anxiety. So spending excess money is much like being addicted to a drug, to create an escape high to avoid the emotional pain. This negative habit though creates debt and worry about being able to pay it. With over spending we develop uncertainty about our future safety and it can get really scary. This low feeling then often is so strong, that the need to go spend to create that temporary happy creates more cycles of guilt and shame. This habit is a self-destructive cycle and will need custom help to break that chain, to get freedom.


When we are feeling empty in our lives, we develop a bleak perspective about our future. With a bleak perspective, spending exceedingly then 'makes sense' as there is 'no future of value' to invest. The underlying issue behind the overspending then is a lost value of self. Spending money is an instant gratification elation but behind it masked, reveals no value for one’s future. Here it is crucial that the emotional need is addressed to shift to a brighter outlook; an inward healthy perspective to create real solutions financially and emotionally.


Change creates hope.


With having a custom plan, your needs will be addressed. Money management skills will be developed, feelings of harmony to create a life that is rich, and meaningful. With custom coaching you can take back your life, feel secure in life, and live it vivaciously!


What holds people back from making changes in their financials?


As a seasoned life coach, most clients feel that they do not deserve positive changes and they are bound by ego, shame and guilt.


You deserve to be free and to enjoy prosperity.


It’s time to get things turned around again.


You are a human having a human experience. You might believe that your current struggle is punishment, carrying tremendous guilt and shame that makes you have the stronghold that you cannot have financial or spiritual prosperity. That is a lie. With custom coaching, I would love to explain to you why you have this lie. I would love to empower you with strategies for you. Strategies that will make changes in your life that give to your underlying needs AND make the necessary shifts in all parts of your life, including your finances. (This is where you can exhale stress and inhale big smile here).


Having issues with money can also show up in these other areas of our lives. 


Tremendous embarrassment

Feelings of self-loathing

A sense of unworthiness

Fear of one's own safety and future security

Poor sleep




Panic attacks

Overwhelmed, frustrated, alone, sad, anger and or numbing.



Body health

Lack of motivation

Poor quality of life

Strain on relationships

Difficulty having relationships

Arguing / conflict / fights