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Renée Willis Freed & On Fire 

Professional Life Coaching Practice

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Sessions are done via skype, google hangout, or the phone and occasionally face to face approximately 60 mins in length. 



Life happens and with that can come career fatigue, the need for change because our current work situation is create stress in our lives.


Why do we need help professionally?


We often begin our careers by doing what we are ‘supposed to do’, ('get a job’ or 'choose education' to ‘land a career'), without even knowing ourselves enough to choose the right fit. This can be a mental torture and a very mundane day to day existence.

However in truth, there are many reasons why we choose jobs that are not custom fit to our passions. Life can be tough and unfair at times, and in those times we have to get a job to pay the bills. In times of deep stress we do what is necessary to provide for the needs, and we do not have the luxury of career aspirations. (Here we need to pat ourselves on the back here, give ourselves self compassion here, as we had it difficult and we sacrificed hard to care of the necessary).

Perhaps you just finished one career and you are ready to begin a new one.

Maybe you desire to try a new work, very different for you, and you need a mastermind to discuss in more detail to create your direction.


Let’s move forward!


It’s great to be ready for change, to do things with our lives that create meaning, value, fulfillment and of course money!


Such questions you will need to start asking yourself will be some of the following: 


What will be the right career fit?

Why will this be the great fit for you?

How do you know?

What direction should you move for your professional development, and how should you make the career move?

How will this improve the quality of your life?

How will it bring meaning to your life?

How do you know you will be good at it?

What could be your obstacles?

What problem in the world that you would like to create a solution?


I will ask necessary questions to seek clarity and direction. As a seasoned life coach I can tell you the right fit is choosing to do something will make feel often that you went into a time warp, where time feels like it does not exist, because you love what you are doing!


With the right fit you will feel confident at your work, you will feel respected and valued!

Essentially you will be giving your value in a meaningful way, AND working with people like you!

To find the right fit for your professional development comes down to defining what brings purposeful meaning to your life. What is the problem in this world, you would love to fix.


Your career is very important and it will affect your feelings of self-worth, and the quality of your life and your relationships. The best tool for this job is assessment. Assessment drives instruction necessary to get you moving forward in your life, knowledge revealed, plan created, and then prosperity for you to enjoy! Let’s move forward!