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Renée Willis Freed & On Fire 

Professional Life Coaching Practice

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Renée Willis OCT, MS-Ed, CCP, PICP Bio-Signature

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Sessions are done via skype, google hangout, or the phone and occasionally face to face approximately 60 mins in length. 



to my virtual soul space! 





Assessment drives the instruction. Using great assessments, the better we can get to your needs, and then scaffold your success!


In case you have forgotten, you are amazing, and you are meant to live an extraordinary life that feels amazing!


There are many reasons however we get “stuck” in our lives. In truth, life happened and with that, adaptations were created, fears were formed, and then we took on shame, and guilt. ​Our narratives leads us to the place of lostness, yet there is still that deep desire to thrive and flow in our lives.​Together we will delve to get to the roots and break those cords that are binding you so you get your power, your voice, and your skin back on! You will get a lens to see your life how it was formed. You will learn your value, and your needs! You will learn how to be self­directive, to choose how to make better informed choices and trust yourself! ​You will learn how to create boundaries, self compassion, self­care AND do things that you love to do!​ You will learn how to find the right fit relationships that honor you, make you feel safe and very much alive!


What is a mind shift?


A mind shift is teaching the mind to see a different way to then get the sought result​.


We all can get stuck in our lives and potentially get ‘frozen’ in our lives when we see in a limiting view. ​When we have a limiting view, we can get paralyzed by our fears. We can also feel like we are losing control over our life, feeling trapped and very alone. ​In those moments we cannot see choices, we sit in ‘aloneness’ and lostness; we simply cannot move forward and this is very painful.


Custom mind shifts strategies HOWEVER teaches the mind to see what it currently cannot see, to empower us to see new choices to get results! ​Mind shift strategies disarm fears, liberates to move forward!


You can break your mental chains, and make changes necessary in your life!


What is a breakthrough?


A breakthrough is a giant ah-Ha moment! It is getting necessary information about how our mind is creating traps. From there we then create a custom solution and a massive weight is lifted!


A breakthrough happens when we are able to recognize situations and see them differently.


A breakthrough reveals also which skills that we are currently lacking, that need to be develop moving forward. By developing skills, we be

The Process

Here is my cornerstone space about the discomforts in our lives, safe and respected, to let our souls breathe deeply to fall in love with our lives. xo


I need to be transparent with you to let you know that I know deep emotional pain that happened as a result of poor teachers in my life.


I made the decision long ago to not be a victim but to be a victor. I made a decision to not allow my pass to continue to rob me, but learn how to make the necessary changes to create the feelings I deserved in my life. I learned also that I am responsible for my feelings, I am the one responsible for my knowledge, and I am responsible for how I live my life. So I refused to accept the unacceptable, I embarked on a quest to love self, and to give the best of my learning with full heart to teach others to reclaim their lives as well!


The journey of freed and on fire, I gained a lot of training about deep pain and how it shows up in all parts of our lives. I learned about the the war within, and how the mind makes it very difficult to make changes to let go to receive abundance. I studied extensively to learn more, to peel back the layers to get to underlying roots. I also gained wisdom through stories from beautiful humans around the world of their pain and their triumphs. I collected a wealth of knowledge to break chains, to create freedom.


The question you should be asking yourself right now is, "Is this space for me?


If you are stuck, and have a burning desire for more, to feel safe, respected, not judged, validated, visible, then reach for my hand. I will hold yours with honor, integrity and grace. We will create solutions to get your freedom and your fire at your pace, your peace.  


People that hang out here have had real struggles.  They have real stories, are deep thinkers, big feelers and their past is still causing them pain and more obstacles to living their potential and having quality of life because of these strongholds that make them prisoners.  



able to create our prosperity, peace, joy, flow, laughter, smiles, balance, confidence, zest, fulfillment, safety, exceptional communication skills, healthy boundaries, a deeper spiritual connection, a rewarding profession, and INCREDIBLE relationships!!


A breakthrough is like the curtains being drawn open that reveal the authentic you, and what your best life could be for you if you choose!


Empowering you with choices!


Not seeing a choice creates discomfort. When we cannot see choices then we live less, expect less, and value ourselves less. This can show up in our relationships, over spending, over eating, overwhelmed, frustrated, distracted and numbing. Not seeing a choice is very painful and finding a choice, is truly a freeing moment!


Choices can be summed as 1) I will do, or 2) I will not do.


Choices can also be summed as a choice 1) I will accept, or 2) I will not accept.


In truth behind all choices that we make, it really comes down to either ‘I love myself’, or ‘I don’t believe I am worthy of love’ (meaning, I do not love myself). We can get really tough on ourselves.

I want you to know that when we are stuck in our lives, it creates high anxiety. We convince ourselves that we have exhausted all of our choices, and there is no reasonable solution. There is indeed a solution! We are unique! It is essential that we respect this truth, our individuality, our narratives, emotional needs, to then find our RIGHT choices to break the cycle and create our next chapters to our story! Assessments are necessary, valuable and the keys to much more for our lives!


Let’s choose wisely! Let’s choose love and freedom! Let’s move forward!




You are unhappy in any of your relationships


Had a bad relationship and cannot move forward


Keep dating the wrong kind of people


Crave to have incredible relationships


Desire to learn how to break your pattern of bad relationships AND learn how to find   relationships that are healthy and wonderful


Want help to learn how to make a current relationship a long term healthy and amazing relationship


Considering a divorce


Been a long time since you dated and need help to get ready


Want to learn how to remove negative people from your life


You need to learn how to create boundaries in your life


If you need to learn how to say no people that leave you drained and empty


You need to learn about your ANXIETY, your attachment style, why you lack motivation, feeling lost, lonely, and unfulfilled

Financial and career / professional planning / development: One of the major pains out there, with relationships likely being the biggest ‘pain’, is that is money. We know people over spend because they are trying to fill an emotional void. Here we can address such, and then help them plan solutions that gives to self ‘bottom line’ and also increase their financial bottom line.


Need strategies, need results to feel amazing, have amazing people

in your life, do amazing things in a way that you are freed and on fire in

your life in the way that is just custom to you!  

Lost and needing to feel purposefully alive

Invisible and need to be set free, seen and validated

Insignificant and crave to feel valuable and fulfilled

Need to give self compassion and empathy to break free from shame

Soul and bone tired, and need to learn how to make changes in your life to restore and renew to feel zestful

Scared and need safety and beautiful solace

Afraid and need certainty, joyous, abundance and free

Not worthy needing liberation and love

Frustrated and just want to smile more, be restful and flow more harmoniously

Sad with heaviness and need to release those emotions that bound you, and replace with peace and a playfulness vibrant life

Anxious and desire smiles, and soul sunshine in your everyday life

Alone and need connectiveness and togetherness with like minded passionate great humans that honor, loyal and keep you safe as your tribe and / or your lover / partner

Desire to be freed within you, to be accepted and to be love for who you are in life, decisions and / or sexuality freedom

A war within that needs calm, healing, restoration, breaking mental chains, abundance and freedom.

You need to learn more, to be respected, a wing-man to help you on your quest to figure things out as a freedom thinker, joy seeker, and as an advocate of love

You want to learn how to love yourself the way you give love to others, and stop blaming yourself for everything and give self grace to be liberated and smile more

Certainty financially and with your career path

To honor your body and enjoy your body healthy, to no longer abuse or self destruct - best body and your life!

Freed & On Fire Profession Life Coaching Practice is for you IF you identify with any of the list below:

Change creates hope.


Here is your safe place, your landing spot, your place to be nurtured and intellectually fed. Here is your place to be painfully honest, so that you can get the changes in your life that you have been needing. I vow to you that you will not be alone, lonely, insignificant, unworthy, or invisible.  You will be safe, heard, and validated.  Here you will belong, you will learn about your pains, and your needs necessary to get you moving forward!  


Freed & On Fire Pledge: Here, we are joy seekers.  We may be tired but we are not victims. We are resilient victors!  We do not allow our past to define us, rather we use it to refine us. We give genuinely, generously, and stay humbled. We are wise. We are real. We put our skin back on. We are self compassionate. We have value. We listen to our voice. We self love. We are not alone. We are reclaiming our lives, and we will fall in love with our lives!


I can't wait to meet you! Let’s move forward!